Monday, March 15, 2010

Over it

For all I can say, I’m really over my burnout now. I have made a plan of things to do this and next week, in order to get my flat back on track.

Ever since the burnout started to creep into my life, I’ve been less and less motivated (that’s part of the symptoms, after all). I’ve never been one of those over-active types that can’t sit still for a moment, but I’ve been far more active than I was last year (and maybe even the year before).

Now, for all I can say, activity has returned to my life. I’ve finally filed all the bills and other stuff I paid but never put away (I just created one big heap on which all of them were put). I have started to get up more or less regularly each day. I have started to take care of my flat (above simple vacuuming) again. I take a greater interest in the life around me and I have real plans once more.

This will also, of course, be reflected in my blogs. I will spent more time writing and find new topics to write about. Stay tuned, please.

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