Monday, June 25, 2007

Bye-Bye to my firs

Ever since I've moved into my flat, there were two large fir trees in front of my living room window. But now they're gone without a trace, cut down today.

I can understand my landlord had them cut down, they were huge (taller than the three-storey house I live in) and might have cause a lot of damage in a storm. On the other hand they served as a protection for me - and I could watch birds a lot who came to sit there for a moment. I still have a yew in front of my bedroom window which has grown considerably during the almost three years I've been living in my flat. Maybe, if I'm lucky, my landlord plants some more of these - as I can't imagine any 'normal' tree to grow on the grounds where two firs have stood (firs and other trees with needles 'poison' the ground underneath in order to keep all the good things in it to themselves). I'd love to have some yews to replace my lovely firs.

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