Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I see more work coming

After finishing the booklets about JavaScript, I've decided to overhaul my website (again) and change a few things. My stories will, after the changes have been completed, be found at "Geschichtenschmiede" and I will change "Night-Shade" into a website with quizzes and suchlike (that should be easy enough to realize with some JavaScript). I will never finish what I had in mind for "Geschichtenschmiede" and that way I can use both domains.

Of course, that's the plan now, but wait until I've started the whole work...

Oh, and just because I couldn't help it: Here's a Nodwick-cartoon I found highly amusing. (Although it's the currently last comic, I've included the archive-address here, because the current comic changes.)

EDIT: I've changed a few things about my old "Night-Shade" site and transferred the data. The stories are now online at "Geschichtenschmiede" and "Night-Shade" will get changed whenever I get to it (by the way: I've got a new job!)

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