Saturday, June 09, 2007

Post 200

Yes, I've not grown sick of it up to now. This is post 200 of my blog and therefore it's a special one, not dedicated to any of my usual topics.

(And yes, Callum, if you're still reading my blog, although I'm just a "dumb cunt", I'll also continue with femdomish posts - including submission and torture. And believe me, I know more about it than you, I've been researching actual torture from the beginnings right up to modern day from my teenage years onwards, so why don't you just add "sick pervert of a cunt" to your vocabulary? I'm sure it fits perfectly with the rest. I didn't get my history major for nothing.)

But back to more happy prospects: There's a post about those "Sherlock Holmes" movies comic up (which will not include any comments on torture or Callum) I promised in the post about "Cat's Eye", I'd also like to write something about "Hellgate: London" because today I downloaded a very cool movie with actual in-game action today and was floored by it. Then there's a post about "A Series of Unfortunate Events" I'm going to write. And of course, as soon as something happens, my crusades about "Killerspiele" and "Size 0" will come up again. I'm currently regrouping, I've not given up.

If I've not grown sick of it by then, I'll do "Post 250" in near future as well.

You've been warned...

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