Saturday, June 09, 2007

Now I know I'm doing it right

While finally going through my comments today (and yes, I'm ashamed, but I presumed that I'd get a notice when there was any comment posted as I remembered something like that in my blog settings), I stumbled over someone who obviously didn't like my post about heroes and decided that a "dumb cunt" like me deserved a flame for it.

Now, I can understand that people don't like my views and it would be a boring world if we all shared the same, but I absolutely dislike people who can't comment on something in a mature way. (And insulting someone and just writing "it's shit" isn't a mature way for me. You didn't like it? Give me your views and do it in a normal way without insults and I listen. Just insult me and I ignore you - or I might show you one day that torture is indeed cool, provided I'm the one doing it and you're the tortured person.) Anyway, flaming isn't exactly new to me and I ignore it on principles (even though I answered that comment, telling the person to read other blogs and to realize that "dumb cunt" isn't the right word to address a woman).

But on the other hand, this comment and the other two I got showed me that at least someone is reading my stuff (and that I must have hit a nerve with the "Heroes" post - just in case you didn't notice: I was referring to a) fictional characters and b) situations in which the tortured person actually likes being tortured due to being a masochist).

Oh, and by the way: "Teria" was just something I came up with while working with "Terra", a name sometimes used for Earth. It's nothing special, but I like the sound of it.

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ajeng said...

hello miss cay name ajeng and i'm from indonesia,a beautiful country in the heart of south east asia.i just want to say that i really like your blogs.i just "found" your blogs few days ago and keep reading it in my spare time since then.thank you so much for posting such awesome view on women.god bless you :)