Friday, June 15, 2007

I'll become a little more aggressive now

Now, if you just know me from this blog - and most of you will only know me from this blog - I probably appear quite straight-forward to you. But in my everyday life, things are a bit different - and that's going to change.

This whole week was a very fine example of why the more feminine approach to life - and work life - isn't the most successful one and - especially due to the fact that I'll start doing a 'man's job' in a year or so (when I'm finished with my webmaster course) - I'm not going to settle for second place any longer.

During work I've usually been a rather soft-speaking and polite person, towards colleagues and superiors as well as towards customers (as I have pointed out already, I'm working as a telemarketer). After half a day's trial yesterday, I have learned that in some areas of telemarketing (and that's a job I'd rather have) being a straight-forward and decisive person who's ready to tell other's what they should be doing is needed. In addition Monday showed me that with decisiveness and a bit of aggressive behaviour I can get along better. I said I wouldn't take this job under those circumstances and I didn't even stay to have a look at it. Their problem is not my problem and too few workers are their problem and not mine.

Of course, I will not become rude and abusive, as I consider politeness a virtue for everyone, not just for a woman, but I won't hold back any longer. I can do a lot of stuff and I would be an asset to every company I chose to work for. That's how men communicate things and that's how I am going to do it from now on as well. If men can get jobs by metaphorically standing up and beating their chest like a gorilla, then I can do that, too. After all, I've got more of a chest than the average man (cup D, currently)...

I'm fed up with trying to be feminine, anyway. I've never really seen the point in it (even as a child, as I already pointed out) and I don't really see where it would be helpful. I don't want to be a man (even though, during "that certain time of the month" it would be handy), I just want to be myself ... and that's definitely not trying to be a nice, little woman. In our world chivalry is dead - at least mostly -, so a woman has to look out for herself. And we can easily look for ourselves, so why should we act like we couldn't?

Women are as intelligent as men, today more girls than boys went to higher school types in my home country and more young women than men go to university. And at the same time we should act like we're not able to speak for ourselves? No way, José!

So from now on I'm really going to advertise myself. If I don't tell other people what I can do, who will?

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