Saturday, June 09, 2007

So many posts, so little time

There's so much I should be writing about: There's at least two DVDs I wanted to write something about, I have a post about "Tomb Raider Anniversary" firmly placed in my mind, then there's my 'villain' post that's still mainly the first paragraph (and currently it's a short paragraph) - oh yes, and I'm halfway through "A Series of Unfortunate Events" and would like to write a couple of lines about those stories, too.

The only thing that really doesn't faze me at all is the whole "Paris Hilton" issue. I couldn't care any less about whether or not she does her time in jail. (Although, just as a majority of people on the streets in Germany, I'd rather prefer to see George W. Bush behind bars - for the rest of his life, if I'm the judge.) Of course, it would only be fair for her to serve those twenty-odd days in jail, just like everybody else. But then, a lot of rich people don't go to jail (or at least not as easily as the rest of the population).

And nobody ever claimed that life was fair - in fact a fair number of people claim the opposite.

So expect more of me - maybe tomorrow after a long session with "Cat's Eye" and "Sherlock Holmes" (with Basil Rathbone).

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