Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Some time ago I published three posts about "Simon the Sorcerer 4." Now I'm playing the next adventure by the same game company: "Everlight."

"Everlight" tells the story of Melvin, a dreamer who happens to walk into a candle shop one day during a heavy rain. There he learns that he's actually got some magical abilities and could learn how to use them by passing five trials in a fantasy world. Melvin agrees and is sent to the town of Tallen, a nice fairy-tale-like township with a host of rather shrewd characters. The town suffers from a curse which turns all the adults into their opposites during the night. Among the things Melvin needs to do to pass his tests is getting rid of the curse.

The whole story of the adventure isn't exactly new or very imaginative, but well told. (And if you feel reminded of "Harry Potter" a bit, it's no wonder, Melvin and Harry even share the same German voice. But most of the story is very different.) The humour is a bit rough sometimes, but on the whole very good (it's basically the same as in "Simon the Sorcerer 4"). Especially Melvin's discussions with the fairy Fenny (who is his spiritual guide throughout the trials) are extremely funny, because the fairy is anything but nice or friendly. And the whole day/night business adds to the story as well.

The graphics suffer a bit when it comes to showing characters up close. Although that's not really a problem these days, there's not much of a movement in the faces. Apart from that everything looks quite nice though.

"Everlight" surely is not the most inventive new adventure, but in a time when only very few good adventures are produced anyway, one can't be too choosy.

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