Friday, October 26, 2007

If life were a RPG

... what kind of creature would I be? This is not a quiz or the result of one, it's just an interesting question that has been nesting in my head for quite a while.

As I'm currently playing "Neverwinter Nights" (again), I've been going through the character generation process once more. I usually play a human fighter (as I like close-combat fighting and humans aren't complicated in role playing). But what I play isn't necessarily how I am, therefore I have been wondering quite a bit. D&D alone (that's "Dungeons & Dragons" for those of you who are not familiar with role playing games) has a host of different character classes. There's humans, elves, dwarfs, gnomes, Halflings, orcs and all the mixtures in-between them. Then there's certain sub-classes among most of them.

If I could decide freely, I'd probably be either a Drow (that's a dark elf) or a half-Drow (half human, half Drow). It's not that I want pointed ears or white hair (I'll get that soon enough, the hair, I mean), but the whole class fascinates me. Yes, they're dark and you could consider them evil - and I usually end up as the good guy when I do one of those quizzes. But they're also interesting - more interesting than 'regular' elves. And I think being a Drow who does good deeds would be quite challenging, with all the upbringing and so on.

The other thing I could find interesting, would be a Planetouched (angels or demons can exist in other planes in the D&D universe), either touched by a celestial (that's D&D angels) or infernal (that's D&D demons, who would have thought). But, on the whole, I'd like to keep my parents on the same plane with me.

I usually choose 'chaotic good' as my moral orientation. I'm doing good things, but not by the law, so I'm not 'rightfully good' and I can't really cope with being 'neutrally good' - what's that, really?

So I'd probably be a chaotic good female Drow ... sound's interesting, really.

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