Saturday, October 27, 2007

Princess on a bad hair day

Screenshot taken from "Shrek the Third"

Yes, even a princess like Snow White can have a bad hair day. Or a week. Or a month.

For those of you not familiar with the movie "Shrek the Third," from which this picture was taken, in the movie the fairy tale princesses decide - after being betrayed by one of their own (Rapunzel) - to take matters in their own hands for once. Instead of waiting and being rescued, they go forth and rescue themselves.

Snow White - at least in the movie and in this scene - has the ability to attract and control animals. She starts singing like you would expect it from a Disney movie (I'm not sure, but the song could even be the one from "Snow White," sounds a bit like it). While she is singing and dancing, birds and various other normally harmless animals come to her. Then - and the picture is taken from the exact moment when the situation changes - she suddenly stops and screams out some kind of battle cry, sending the animals towards two evil, cursed trees (looking like the Ents from "Lord of the Rings"). The trees don't stand a chance against the animals.

Then there's Lillian, just widowed and mother of Shrek's wife Fiona. She puts a hole in two stone walls with nothing more than her head. That's one head-strong woman.

Cinderella sharpens her glass slipper and uses it like a boomerang - and even Sleeping Beauty, who has narcoleptic attacks, manages to have them the right time to make the guards fall over her sleeping body.

In addition the group also contains Fiona herself - who keeps at the back a bit, but then, she's pregnant at that time - and one of the two ugly step-sisters, Doris, who surely knows where to hit really hard.

Now I wonder ... is this what the princesses would be like, provided they were feminists? In that case you'd have to pity the villainesses pitted against them.

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