Thursday, October 11, 2007

"Heroes" in Germany

Yes, I know, for people living in the United States, "Heroes" isn't news any longer, it's 'olds' (provided that word exists). But in Germany the series has just started this Wednesday.

I watched the first two episodes - aired together - and found the series quite interesting. Of course, it's full of clichés, but that's besides the point. Most series are, after all, it's how stories work themselves out quickly - and within the 40 minutes an episode takes these days (one hour minus advertising), that's extremely necessary. But what I liked most was the way the main characters were introduced. (The cheerleader reminded me a bit of Clark Kent in "Smallville", actually, but that's probably because she can regenerate herself that quickly and seems to be living in a small town, too. I could probably write a whole post about "Smallville", actually, and fill half of it with rants about Michael Rosenbaum, but I won't do it right now.)

I've no idea what it leads to, but I will continue to watch it, to find out.

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