Monday, October 22, 2007

Happy Anniversary

This it is, the post to my first anniversary as a blogger. Precisely one year ago I started blogging, inspired by a now-defunct blog called, if I remember it right, "Diary of Barbie's worst enemy." This blog introduced me to two things: the wonderful world of blogging and "The F-Word", one of the best feminist web-sites I've found so far.

Honestly, I had no idea what I was getting into. I just wanted to try it out and thought - as it didn't cost anything - it would be fun for a while. I expected to stop writing my blog after a couple of weeks or months. It didn't happen.

In the beginning I wanted a 'serious' blog, only filled with stuff about politics, society and stuff like that. Nothing personal, nothing funny, nothing that was not 'serious.' The change came with my "no bitching between Christmas and New Year"-solution. As I had decided not to write anything scathing between the 24th of December and the first of January, I started answering challenges from other blogs - like "Sex Ed in Higher Ed", which unfortunately isn't updated much these days - and writing more personal and less serious stuff. Around New Year I also got my connection to Sitemeter - and ever since then I've been getting my weekly statistics, telling me that somebody out there actually reads my ranting. After New Year, I decided that the seriousness of my ideas would not be destroyed by some fun every now and then - like a post with a little game in it or with the results of a test I did. I still think I'm right.

By now, I think, I've found a good combination of serious issues (mostly politics, feminism, society, "Killerspiele" and "Size 0") and far less serious ones - including even some personal things (a lot of them, judging from the number of "about me"-labels on the left of this blog).

What to expect from the next year? I have no idea. I had no idea last year - at least none that was right.

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