Friday, October 26, 2007

Logic not required

... for a job as a politician, it seems. At least one of the new feats of politics in Germany suggests this.

I have more than once written about the rather blue-eyed idea of everyone in Germany working longer than they do now, at least two years, preferably more. This will be necessary, the politician always argued, because the experience and working power of the older people was necessary. Currently the age at which most people stop working is theoretically around 65 and realistically around 63. The new age will be 67, theoretically.

And what is the government doing these days? Starting with the first of January next year, everybody who's at least 60 and unemployed is going to be forced to stop working early - meaning they will not get their full pensions.

I don't know about you, but it doesn't sound very logical to me.

This is just the latest lapse of logic I've seen or heard from our government. They've been putting up reforms by the cartload during the first weeks and months of being in control, but almost none of them were successful or well-planned. It seemed pretty much as if they just wanted to put out reforms so they could later claim "we tried, but to no avail." What kind of politics is that? And what kind of person do you need to make political decisions like those?

And then I heard about another rather illogical thing. A party that has not been on any polls lately - and is getting next to no votes - can still get money from the government for virtually nothing. Makes me rethink the whole "Gamer's Party"-issue. Imagine: I'd open up my own party, I'd appear on the polls of my hometown and maybe I'd even make it to the state I live in, then I can claim money from the government until I get my own pensions. At least, I'm stubborn and vocal enough for the job.

"Earn loads of money, logical mind or intelligence not required" would make a nice job offer for politicians, at least from what they show to the public. And those people are supposed to be the elite of Germany. The horrors! The pure, mind-bending horrors of it!

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