Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Crap I like

If you’ve not started visiting this blog very recently, you might already know I like B-movies (no, not Bee-movies, although ... why not?). Among my early discoveries is this one:

The translation of the German title would be “The Return of the Riding Corpses” (or something along those lines). And what is it about?

Well, some really, really, really evil Templars were blinded, burned and finally simply walled in the cellars of their own monastery. Centuries later they rise again (why they actually make the effort? revenge?) to kill all the descendants of the villagers who killed them. But, as they are blind, they have to move by instinct and sound (how this might be related to them being hardly more than skeletons, is never explained in the story - a shame). So, if you manage to move silently and not to scream out when they break into your house, you’re quite safe. But, honestly, how many victims in horror movies can do that?

The movie isn’t very good (just as the other three movies about those corpses), in fact, it’s outright crap. But it’s funny crap. I can’t really get scared by the stories, but I can laugh about the bad special effects (you can almost hear the horses ... riding corpses, remember ... think ‘what crap have they tied to my back’ in some scenes).

So, if you stumble over it (preferably for free on TV or so) and have 90 minutes to kill, give it a shot. Just don’t expect to be scared.

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