Thursday, May 08, 2008

Spring has come

...with a vengeance, I should say, but, honestly, after an April with rain, rain and rain (and I’m not living in London), I can’t, really. It’s getting hot very quickly (from around 10 degrees Celsius to about 25 degrees in just a little under two weeks) and I don’t really like too much heat (anything above 25 to 30 degrees). But there’s sun, the birds are singing, nature is blooming and I just feel good. More alive, more full of energy and ready to tackle my life again.

That much rain was making me feel a bit depressive. I like a bit of rain. A rainy afternoon with a good book, some hot tea (or hot chocolate, depending on my mood) and a comfy couch is a great thing for me. But weeks of rain with hardly enough sun to make sure you don’t forget what it looks like, that’s definitely too much, even for me.

Now I’m almost wakened by the sun every morning (well, my curtains are in the way; I pull them closed every night, because I have a streetlamp in front of my bedroom window). And it’s bright out there until well after eight in the evening, that’s great, too, if you get off work around half past four or so.

Nevertheless, this week I felt the abrupt changes - I do not take terribly well to hot temperatures and the sudden rise has given me a bit of a headache. But it’s gone now - and in a few weeks, my slight allergy to sunlight (which makes my skin all itchy until it’s gotten used to it) should be gone, too. I just need to continue my walks in the evening, exposing my skin to the sun, and before I realize it, everything should be alright. Until then, it will itch - but I can live with that.

I’m plotting for a long weekend, too, as we’ve got a holiday coming on Monday and that means one more day to sleep in. Yeah!

I’ll take a trip to Karlsruhe (the next bigger city around) on Saturday, just for some shopping and to enjoy the early summer day we’re expecting then. I’ll check with my favourite comic store (which I visited almost three to five days a week when I was still at university, but get to only rarely these days), I’ll also check the gigantic mall they’ve build three years or so ago and have some fun in the shops (and maybe a good sundae later on). It’s situated in the middle of the city centre and is a great place to spent time, no matter which kind of weather is to be found outside. Then there’s my favourite book store ... I guess, I better take a backpack.

Spring has come with all its gentle showers, methinks it’s time to hack ... ops, wrong text (that’s from a “Black Adder” episode). Spring has come and I feel like I’m blooming myself.

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