Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sounds like a plan...

The man with the whip and the hat is back. And no, this post is not about BDSM. It’s about Dr. Henry Jones Junior (better known as “Indiana” Jones).

When “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” came out, I was too young still to watch it. I watched it later on, of course, but always on TV or DVD. It’s my favourite “Indiana Jones” movie so far. Now, thanks to the chances Stephen Spielberg and Harrison Ford took, I can watch at least one “Indy” movie on the big screen. On Thursday, to be more precise.

Currently I’m wondering about what the movie will be like. Will it be good, bad or mediocre? (Ooops, unintended “Rocky Horror Picture Show” quotation here.)

What I hope for is the balance between action and humour the last movie had (the scene where Indy throws the Nazi out of the airship and then simply says “no ticket” to explain himself is one of my all-time favourites [with quite some other scenes from that movie]). If it were too “Temple of Doom”-ish (too dark and serious), I’d be disappointed. I want story and I want action, but I want a lot of humour, too. I like that in movies. After all, I go to the movies to be entertained and to relax. If I want to see people killing each other, the news are sufficient.

I’ll close this post with a card from someecards:

Strange, isn’t it?

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