Friday, May 09, 2008

Internet Habits

As with a lot of things, I do have certain habits when it comes to surfing the net.

I’m not online 24/7, but only activate my router when I intend to use it.

So, the first thing I usually do, is updating my anti-virus (daily Monday to Saturday, normally). Then I check my e-mails, update my own blogs and check out my favourite blogs (which can be found on the right side of this blog).

Afterwards it’s time for the news, so I go through the online news sections of “Stern”, “Spiegel”, “Focus” and “Gamestar” (my favourite gaming magazine). Then I check out amazon and Gamefools (where I usually go for casual games).

“The F-Word” (for articles and blogs) comes right after that, together with lolcats and loldogs (new pictures for this blog) and someecards.

Comics come next: “Looking for Group” (updated Monday and Thursday), “VG Cats” (no regular updates), “Dorktower” (usually updated Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but not always), “Nodwick” (no regular updates) and “Girl Genius” (updates regularly Monday, Wednesday and Friday). Once or twice a week I also take a peek at the “DVD Round-up” at - although unfortunately they only do an update on new DVDs in the United States (and that’s a different region - UK works on my DVD-player and computer, US doesn’t).

The last thing (apart from irregular things like research or work for my webmaster course) always is the MangasZene forum. Currently it’s mostly the “Off Topic” section I check out, as it’s sporting new posts regularly, unlike all the others.

Usually this kind of surfing the internet takes between 30 and 45 minutes, depending on interesting news, new comic pages and a lot of interesting new posts in the blogs and the forum.

And afterwards, if there’s nothing else to search or do, I unplug my router again and use my computer for playing, working and writing.

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