Thursday, May 22, 2008

I've seen you, Dr. Jones!

I’ve just come home from the movie theatre, watching the new “Indiana Jones” movie. And I can only say one thing: I loved it!

It’s exactly what I had hoped for. They’ve kept the strengths of the series (action, humour and enough twists to keep the story interesting - oh, and Dr. Jones, of course) without trying to pretend the last 19 years since “The Last Crusade” didn’t happen.

So I enjoyed myself immensely during those two hours. I laughed, I was surprised (well, sometimes not much), I watched great fights and action scenes. I enjoyed the music from the Fifties. (The story is set in 1957, roughly 15 to 20 years after “The Last Crusade”.) I enjoyed seeing Marion Ravenwood (from “Raiders of the Lost Ark”) again. I enjoyed seeing Indy fight the first female villain (Elsa Schneider doesn’t count - she’s merely a helper, not the main villain in “The Lost Crusade”). As I said, I enjoyed myself immensely. The money for the ticket surely wasn’t wasted.

If you want a summary, it’s like this: If you’re a fan, you will enjoy the movie - just as if the last 19 years did not happen -, if you’re not, it’s probably not going to turn you into one, but if you like action mixed with humour, you might still enjoy it.

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