Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Books on CD

I've written about books on CD before, when I got the first of that kind. Now I've gotten three more for Christmas and, although my computer doesn't play them, meaning I had to get my CD-player from the kitchen (don't ask...), I enjoy them very much.

They are real novels, all three from the same team of authors: Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. As I've read all the novels before (two in English and one in German), they're not exactly new to me, but nevertheless they're good: "Relic" (by now the same name in Germany), "Reliquary" (named "Attic" in Germany, but I won't comment on that, after all, I'm not going to start bitching before the second of January) and "The Cabinet of Curiosities" (named "Formula" in Germany, see the remark about "Reliquary"). Those three happen to be my favourite novels of those authors (and one day I'm going to get "Relic" in English, too), so I enjoy the "book on CD" versions, although each of them lasts over six(!) hours.

By now I'm through with the first ("Relic") and have started on the second ("Reliquary"). They were done very professionally and read by an actor, so I know I will enjoy the rest of them, too.

When I first heard about the principle, I wasn't very thrilled about it, because curling up on my couch and reading a book is half the fun for me. But by now, after having listened to various books on CD, I find them quite interesting. For one thing, I can listen to a story while working on another one or do something completely different. And I can - unless my DVD drives don't want to read the CDs - take them with me on a trip or while I walk through town.

Especially given the quality of the TV program on Christmas, I'm really glad to have them.

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