Saturday, December 01, 2007

It's a mystery for me

...I sometimes get parcels from amazon - and that's not the mystery here. The mystery happened yesterday.

As I like to work deep into the night (what can I say? I'm a night owl), I often sleep long in the mornings. And quite often the postman comes while I'm still in bed, so I somehow stagger to the door and take the parcel, put it somewhere in the flat and go back to bed. Yesterday I was expecting a long forgotten book (pre-ordered about four or so months ago) and got up early, because I had other things to do as well.

By pure coincidence I walked past the window as the yellow post truck drove up and stopped in front of the house. I expected the doorbell to ring any moment and was almost standing in front of it and then ... nothing happened. I was surprised. I was sure the parcel in the postman's hand had been for me. No other doorbell had rung (and yes, my ears are that sensitive). So I went outside, walked down to the entrance door of the house and checked my letterbox. And what did I find? The parcel had been literally crammed into the letterbox (which it didn't fit). So I went outside and pulled it out (quite forcefully).

Now I'm wondering. Over the last couple of months I was always in when the postman brought me a parcel (partly due to unemployment and partly due to starting work late and the postman coming early). Why the hell did he not ring the doorbell this time?

Sometimes life is just too mysterious for me.

EDIT: I've got my tarot deck before Christmas, so my parents can give it to me as a present! Hooray!

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