Monday, December 17, 2007

My Christmas Books

Christmas is approaching and it's time for me to decide which book(s) to read this year throughout the holiday season.

I do have very few favourites for this time of the year - and might manage to read them all:

  • "Rest you merry" by Charlotte McLeod (first of the "Balaclava"-series)
  • "A Christmas Guest" by Anne Perry
  • "Hogfather" by Terry Pratchett

"Rest you merry" and "A Christmas Guest" have two things in common: they're crime stories and not too long. "Rest you merry" has about 225 pages (German paperback) and "A Christmas Guest" has about 160 (English paperback). "Hogfather" is quite a bit thicker (445 pages, English paperback), but Pratchett's novels are a quick read for me. I might also consider "The Greene Murder Case" by S.S. van Dine, but the book is - despite not being as long as "Hogfather" quite a long read. The language of the 315 pages (German paperback) is difficult, it has footnotes, too. I've nothing against footnotes (I didn't go to university for nothing, after all), but all of them gathered at the end of the book and usually 'fake' themselves (pointing to other novels by the same author) is a bit too much. "Dracula" actually is an easier read (and might be a good idea ... it has been some time). Or maybe I'll read a completely different book ... who knows.

Christmas is approaching and I'm starting to plan everything. And I will put in place a new "No Bitching between Christmas and New Year"-resolution.

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