Monday, December 10, 2007


As I've decided to go through with my 'no bitching between Christmas and new year' resolution this year as well, I'm currently preparing myself - and hoping both for good ideas (and I'll surely copy the games from last year again) and not too many bad things to happen. Last year, Saddam Hussein was executed during that time and I had to wait until posting about it. Bad thing.

Between December 24th (Christmas Eve is when Christmas starts in Germany) and January 1st I will not rave or rant about anything, I'll just write nice things. Well, it's going to be easier this year because I've already done it over the year, as I decided during the last 'no bitching' resolution. And I'm sure the new site with funny animal pictures I've found (and used already) will help as well.

But I can't promise January 2nd will be nice as well. There might be quite some bitching posts coming around then...

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