Saturday, December 29, 2007

Close to home

This it is, the currently last post with pictures from my hometown. Those have been taken in the vicinity of my own flat.

This actually was taken from my window. I've no idea what kind of lab is situated right in face of my living-room window, but I know it has to be some kind of lab - as the people entering and leaving wear lab-coats - and they some days keep strange working hours. It's in the northern part of the Siemens Technology Park which, unlike the southern part where I worked for over a year, is not open to the public.

A very nice view of the cafeteria of the Siemens Technology Park. It's situated in the southern part - facing the northern part, as it is - and open to the public. The first floor is the cafeteria while the ground floor houses a shop, a bank and will soon also house some kind of bar/café.

This is the only thing which has remained from the original office building of the Siemens area. The old building - looking quite old fashioned - was removed quite some time ago (it would be right in front of the cafeteria you've seen in the last picture). But the middle area of the roof was quite nice-looking and so it has remained, as a reminder and remainder of the old building.

This picture (and the next) show the hugest building in the Technology Park which houses offices, server rooms and probably a lot more. I've never been inside and thus I've no idea what really is done inside there. The Siemens-logo shown on the picture is alight at night.

The huge office (and what not) building features in this picture as well, in addition it shows the lower end of the main street in that area, leading towards the rails separating the western and eastern part of my hometown. I walk that walkway a lot - as it's the shortest way to the centre of the town.

Finally the park. Where this small park is situated today, two huge rows of houses have been standing in the past. The area in the front - in this picture - has been a park for quite some time. I was still a little kid when the houses were torn down and never replaced with new houses. But the area in the back has had houses on it for quite some more time. A good friend of my during my childhood has lived there - and I've visited her quite a lot when we were both kids. But her family moved out before the houses were pulled down. Today, both areas are a park, quite useful for all people with dogs, for younger children and the many crows that have taken residence in the general area over the last couple of years.

That was my overview over my hometown for now. I guess I'll be doing some more photographs in spring, currently things aren't looking too good. Then I'll also do a post about the local palace build by an archbishop and other interesting places.

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