Saturday, November 24, 2007

I got hooked

As I mentioned during the weekend updates before, I've been watching the first two seasons of "Gilmore girls" on DVD during the last couple of weeks.

When I started with the first episode (and realized that I'd never seen much of the first season, anyway), it felt good. I was comfortable with the story and the characters, as I'd known them before, while watching the series on TV. I could relax and just watch the episodes (or at least listen to them while writing).

The longer I watched the series, the more comfortable I grew with it again. It was nice to watch it, to just enjoy the chaotic, but nevertheless nice lives of some other people, to visit a small town that surely didn't exist (because Stars Hollow is just too good to be true - if anyone can prove it exists, go ahead and do it).

I'm not a fan of such series normally - the 'simple life of simple people in a simple environment' that comes with those series isn't my cup of coffee. But "Gilmore girls" is different somehow. Maybe it's because you have to look very hard to find the 'perfect' family. Lorelai and Rory are a great family, but they are not 'perfect' (lacking a father). Dean seems to have rather normal parents, but they never appear. Not a single family of a Chilton student (Chilton is the private school Rory goes to) seems to be intact: either parents are always gone, divorced, cheating on each other or simply not interested in their offspring. The other people living in Stars Hollow all have their little quirks and ticks, too. (And Tyler is too normal to be really normal, if you get my drift.)

And that's just what I like, I guess. Visiting Stars Hollow is like stepping into a world that's not completely real, but real enough to love it. In an article of a German news magazine the author pointed out that it's either Indian Summer or Winter during all of the episodes (which is not completely correct, but not completely wrong either - there are few episodes when it's spring or late summer, but the two seasons I've seen so far end with the end of the school year and start with the beginning of the next one). On the other hand those are great seasons to put a story in motion. People can still enjoy the sun during an Indian Summer, but the trees already have colourful leaves, which looks very nice and romantic (yes, even I do sometimes enjoy a romantic outlook). And in Winter there's lots of reasons to cuddle together or to be cut off by the snow from everyone else - giving you a lot of privacy.

Watching the two first seasons on DVD got me hooked again, just as in the past when I tried to catch every episode on TV. Currently I'm thinking about getting the third season.

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