Friday, November 16, 2007

Ice Cream!

Now, why is she thinking about ice cream right after claiming the first snow had fallen and it's gotten cold outside, you might wonder. Well, first of all, I can always think of ice cream, I just don't have to eat it while it's cold outside. But that's not the main reason.

"Cindy's Sundaes" is the main reason. And it's a good game, too. And the ice cream definitely looks very delicious as well.

It's an arcade game in which you advance through the levels by matching three or more bullets of ice cream of the same kind to earn points. In addition to advancing through the levels, though, you can also build your own sundaes with the contents you slowly gain by gaining tokens to invest. The one in the picture above is from me, by the way. It hasn't got a name, though, although it might be called "Summer Delight" or something like that.

The levels can sometimes be vexing, but then, even if you screw a level, you still get some tokens, so not making it a couple of times helps a lot to unlock new contents and build better-looking sundaes.

I've gotten through the whole game once already, but as the levels are build up new every time around, it's quite interesting to do the game again.

And the ice cream looks damn tasty, even if it's cold outside...

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