Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Buildings and Places

... in my hometown. Today we'll walk my usual route again, but this time I'll show you some interesting places and buildings in my town.

This used to be a normal crossing, but during rush hour people didn't exactly 'rush' anywhere. With the new circular traffic, everything has changed. Cars now move on pretty fast and in addition we have a real piece of 'art' in the middle of it (or at least what the mayor of my hometown seems to understand as art - I can't stand those artworks, but then, people have different tastes).

Those two pictures show the local movie theatre. Originally it was much smaller, the left area which you can see on the first picture has been build quite recently. Before it was build, there was a parking lot besides the cinema. "Cineplex" actually is a line of cinemas everywhere in Germany - and that's one reason why I can see movies earlier than someone living in Mainz, despite the fact that my hometown is much smaller.

The parking lot in front of the building was once a park - and shall become one soon again.

Our local post office is located in an old building that's been the post office for as long as I can remember. The inside has been renovated quite some time ago (much more modern, but that doesn't make the people working there any faster), but the outer shell is still the same.

Opposite to the post office is this small park, in front of the business school. It's a nice place to be, especially during the summer when it's nice and warm and the trees give a bit of shade and the well is running (although you can't see the well in this picture).

The protestant church in my hometown (the only protestant church, as the town traditionally is Roman-Catholic) is the next step on our way. I rather like the way it looks on the outside (though I've never been inside): straight lines, grey bricks and a rather pretty clock. The bells can be heard even where I live - provided the wind blows into the right direction.

This is the place in front of the town hall (well, one of them, anyway, the local government is a bit split up). It looks much better when not photographed from the shadows, but otherwise I wouldn't have gotten a good picture - the sun was standing quite low.

This is the restaurant situated in the area known as "Old Castle" (I already mentioned it in the post about the roads). In the back you can see the roof of the only part of the old castle still standing, but we'll get a better look at it in the next picture.

This is the central tower of the old castle, the only part still standing today. It was renovated when the new buildings were constructed and also got a new roof. Today it's part of the new structure and it fits in quite well, even though you'd never guess it at the first glance.

And that's the place where I used to spent my free Saturdays when I was younger: the public library. Originally it was situated close to the cinema, but it moved to newer (and much bigger) rooms when I was still quite young. Now the library has all of the first floor of the building and half of the ground floor.

The complex forming the Old Castle also houses various halls and is the base of operation for the local theatre company.

This is where the busses in my hometown all stop, the place where they all come together (you can see one of those busses on the picture of the circular traffic above). It was rebuild when the bus lines were recreated some years ago. Before that the middle of this street was lined with trees and parking spaces - but it definitely needed to be rebuild. Nevertheless, I miss those old trees with the lights in them every Christmas...

This was a view of the buildings and places in my hometown. The last post will almost bring you home to me, as I will also show you a couple of photographs taken in the general area where I live.

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