Friday, November 02, 2007

Gilmore Girls

Okay, I admit it, I do have a very soft spot for the TV series "Gilmore girls". I started watching it at the beginning of the last year, while I was recovering from some serious surgery on my knee. (And even in Germany that means I watched a rerun.)

I couldn't do much at that time, as I couldn't sit correctly at my desk - so I couldn't do anything with my computer. (The horror! Oh, the mind-bending horror of it!). I couldn't walk around much either, so I spent most of my day sitting in a chair and watching TV. And reading, of course.

"Gilmore girls" was shown during noon and I started switching in regularly. Normally I'm not exactly a fan of such series, but I liked this one. The main characters are interesting - especially the 'role-switch' between Lorelai and Rory (as mother Lorelai is much more of a teenager and daughter Rory is quite sensible for a girl her age). But the whole cast of characters is interesting and I soon started to like them - like people I meet every day. I learned about their quirks, about the little secrets the series showed.

Turning into their world once a day became a comfortable habit. Then my knee healed and I went back to work - thus no longer able to watch it. I followed the new episodes for a while (as they were shown on Wednesday quarter past eight). But then other interesting series came and there was a break while the next season was dubbed for German and somehow I broke away from it.

So why am I writing and thinking about it now? There's two reasons for this. First of all, one of the online magazines I follow regularly had an article a couple of days ago, when the last season started in Germany. Second, I got the first two seasons really cheap today. That means something to watch for quite a while (21/22 episodes per season, 40 minutes runtime without ads per episode). I love getting TV series on DVD (the first I got was the first season of "Futurama", still on video cassette), so I can watch my favourite episodes whenever I have some time to spare. Currently I own "Firefly", "Smallville" Season 1 to 4, the first Season of the British series "Robin Hood" and the original 13 Episodes of the "Hellsing" TV series. Now I'll have to add "Gilmore girls" Season 1 and 2 to it. My parents also own all the seasons of "M.A.S.H.", so I can watch those as well, I just have to ask. (Actually, "Firefly" has never been shown on TV in Germany, the only German version that exists was published on DVD.)

So I return to Stars Hollow for a while and enjoy it - whenever it comes to pass during the next weeks.

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