Monday, November 12, 2007

Hometown Shopfronts

After I'd let you take a look at the streets of my hometown last time, I'll show you some shops this time around. Are you ready?

There's my favourite Kebab-dealer and a nice café - which, admittedly, looks better in the summer when the tables and chairs are outside. Nevertheless, it's cosy.

This is a new shop - and the last two didn't last long in there - and I even almost got into trouble for taking this photo. The owner asked me what it was for, but as I don't do anything commercial with it, it was okay for her. They sell decorations and gifts.

My manga shop. I buy all my manga in there (except for "Trinity Blood" which I buy at the train station). They also have a lot of other stuff in there, from humorous books to toys.

Another new shop, situated in the area of the "Old Castle" again. This one sells all sorts of coffee, tea and even hot chocolate (and I really have to check it out one day, I could do with specialized hot chocolate during the winter).

One more bookstore, although I buy most of my books somewhere else (but due to the lots of stuff in front of it, I couldn't get a good photo). It's a nice place, though, and I go in there just as regularly as I enter my favourite bookstore.

This was another trip through my hometown, then. Expect two more, one about the area where I live and one about special places or buildings.

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