Friday, November 16, 2007

What a wonderful view

Isn't it a wonderful view? Well, it is, for someone playing "Anno 1701".

Do you see all those houses with the green roofs? They're housing the nobility. Noblemen and -women living in a settlement pay a lot of taxes, financing not only their own needs (which are quite high, those people want everything), but also anything the player might want to add for himself (like a really huge palace with large grounds and a lot of buildings ... ahem). It's a long way to such a big settlement.

And it's a long way to this picturesque view of mills and farms, too. It takes a while until you have enough citizens in the right stage to be allowed to build it. Farms, mills and bakeries are a very efficient way to produce food, though, and so they become necessary sooner or later. After all, over 4,000 citizens have to be fed.

I'm enjoying my view tremendously, to be honest. It has taken quite some time until my little settlement with a handful of sturdy pioneers, living off fishes and only demanding food, cloth, a church and a town square, has become a bustling town full of noblemen and -women. Yes, I did a good job there.

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