Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I've been walking

...through my hometown yesterday and - as it was a fine day and I've had a digi-cam for ages - I've also been taking pictures. So, from now on, expect a post about my hometown with some pictures in it every now and then.

I could, of course, just sent you to my father's photo-blog, but I won't. He's taking pictures of stuff he likes and I'm taking pictures of stuff I like. Nevertheless, if you want more impressions of my hometown and its surroundings, take a look there. Even though his comments are in German, the pictures don't really need description.

For today, let it be an impression of various streets:

This is the walkway of the street going parallel to the railways. Unfortunately, although the weather was great, it's already November, so only very few roses were still in bloom. During the summer it looks really glorious - and smells wonderful, too, with the loads of pink roses blooming.

This road was just redone some time ago, especially the many parking slots are new. As you can see in this picture - and various other ones -, my town doesn't have too many straight streets. I rather like that, makes the whole city look more organic.

This is the newest area of the city centre where cars officially are not allowed. The house on the right is newly build and contains a host of shops. When you walk along the road from the last picture and turn left at the first chance, you'll be standing where I was when taking that picture.

This small street was also done completely new when the new building (again on the right) was constructed. It looks lots better than before.

This is the lower end of the original city centre. If you follow the street shown on the picture before last, you'll come to this view. In the left and centre of the picture are a café (the smaller building, looking like a pavilion) and the largest shopping mall in my hometown (the grey building with the banners).

This road is in an area called "Old Castle" because it once was the site of the old castle. The only thing still standing is the central tower, though (and I also have two pictures showing it, but I'll post them another day).

So, this was the first tour through my town, only the streets for now, but we'll come back for the shops and other interesting buildings and places later on.

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