Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Being (Be)Trapped

I usually don't buy things online ... usually.

On Monday while starting up my ICQ for my admin-stuff, I stumbled over a game on the site accompanying the start-up. It's called "BeTrapped!" and I downloaded the 60 minutes demo-version. I found it very interesting and so I ventured forth yesterday and checked out the price - and was glad again to find that the Euro has gotten quite strong compared to the Dollar (19,99 $ compared to 15,33 €). So I ordered the full version and soon enough got the registry code to unlock the game.

I've been making good use of it for the rest of the afternoon and the evening, finishing the game twice already ... which isn't that uncommon for me, I usually replay games a couple of times. In addition as it doesn't need a CD to run and can be started in windowed mode, I can play it while doing other things ... like writing down this post.

I like that in games, it is why I keep a freeware SuDoKu and a Mahjongg-version on my hard drive. Especially while I'm writing my stories, I sometimes need a few minutes of distraction ... which is exactly what those games provide.

Basically "BeTrapped!" is a logical game. You have a couple of levels (37), each of which consists of one room of the old castle the game is set in. First you have to disarm all traps in the room (the number is shown on screen). To do this you wander over the tiles of the room with the main character, Chief Inspector Parker from Scotland Yard. The tiles turn to certain colours (blue means 'no traps next to the tile', green means 'one trap' and so on), so you can at least guess the place where the traps are hidden (they change every time you retry the level). When you're sure you've found a trap, you right-click on it and it is disarmed. Once you've disarmed all the traps you can check the room for clues or talk to the people there. This way you can solve the mystery behind the logic riddle. On the left of this paragraph you can see a partially disarmed room and on the right of the next you see a completely disarmed one (but it's not the same room, just in case you wonder about it).

For someone who, like me, loves those old fashioned murder mysteries set in haunted castles or large mansions with a group of strange suspects and more murders happening during the investigation, "BeTrapped!" is just perfect. So I guess I'll be "BeTrapped!" for quite some time now...

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