Monday, January 15, 2007

Travelling enlargens the mind

... although not the brain, luckily, because that would lead to headaches. This old saying (that saying is just the part from the headline) is true, as I found out while travelling this Saturday. I was 'on the road' - or rather 'inside a train' for about four hours, going to Mainz to visit my friend Heike and back again. The roughly six and a half hours I spent with my friend were also quite interesting, but from my past experiences travelling also makes me think a lot - and as this is the first longer trip I took after starting this blog (the twenty or so minutes to the next big city don't really count), I came up with quite some ideas, so expect a couple of new posts during the next days.

First of all there'll be something about travelling by train and why it is my favourite way of travelling. Then there'll be something about the way books about the foundations of science usually are written (which is just boring and bad). And maybe I'll add something about the uses of dabbing into a lot of different subjects ... we'll see.

In addition to the travelling a couple of TV-programs I saw this weekend have left me with new things to write about, so expect a couple of new posts this week, starting with Monday.

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