Friday, January 05, 2007

I'm a chat-administrator ... beware!

There are strange people on the web ... and I'm just chatting with one.

A few days ago I was approached by the admin of one of my favourite forums, asking me to become a chat-administrator. After a little ICQ-chat with the admin I agreed to do it, so I'm currently watching the sleeping chat of Gespensterweb and chatting with the only person there - except for me, of course. He (or she) is a little strange, to say the least, and under normal circumstances ... with a real chat going on ... I would warn him (or her) to stop it, but currently I don't see the point.

Now we've got company, let's see what is going to happen. (This comment makes me feel a bit like some sort of adventurer ... Indiana Cay, woo-hoo). "The return of the airbus-shark" (please don't ask!), I wonder if that title is already taken? If I ever write a story like that I'll dedicate it to PinkyPanky ... the strangest chatter I've met so far.

We're still making fun, mostly, but as long as the other chatters are okay with it - and it stays within legal boundaries, I'm not going to intervene. Ah, the wonderful feeling of power...

Now it's getting fuller, but I'm still the only admin .

Okay, a colleague has arrived, let's see what will happen. "The airbus-shark is still alive". Oh god, it's going to be a three-parter soon.

My colleague has gagged that chatter for five minutes. Let's see what will happen after that...

As far as the chat is concerned, we're going towards "talking to the dead" right now. But it seems as if our 'medium' isn't really connecting to the dead. Now he has left ... and our strange chatter has calmed down.

My colleague left, too, and I'm still settled with two jokers...

Just gagged them again ... this is getting fun.

Just really kicked one of them out for good ... and watching the other one. And now I'm not alone any more, a good thing. As far as I know the new admin is a very experienced one.

It's getting lively ... good.

I've unofficially logged out for the moment ... like I'm gone only for a couple of minutes.

This probably is the strangest post I've had so far ... but then, it's a real-life documentary.

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