Monday, January 08, 2007

I found a use for ICQ

When I installed ICQ for the first time ... a couple of months ago ... the only thing I got out of it was men trying to flirt with me. So after a while I turned my profile to 'neutral', not giving my gender, and stopped activating it when I went online.

Now, after I've become chat-admin ... as I just pointed out in my post on Friday ... I've finally found a use for it: keeping in touch with other admins who tip me off and help me at the moment. This way I don't have to whisper the whole time - which is getting old soon enough. I flatter myself I've gotten quite good at the new job already ... even though I have just been doing it for two days. I'll be online again as often as possible, but mostly in the early evening ... when there's not many admins around, it seems ... or during the afternoon. We're pretty low on the admins late at night, or so a colleague told me this afternoon while we were alone in the chat, but that can't be helped as long as most members come from Germany. We mostly have our jobs to do (or in my case at the moment: find) during the day, so we have to get up early again. I've decided to at least keep an eye out for the chat whenever I'm online. And I'll go online with ICQ from now on ... and the Yahoo! Messenger as soon as my friend Heike has got hers.

Kicking the user wasn't fun ... well, it was 'fun', but not 'fun-fun', if you know what I mean ... but it was necessary and I rather will risk getting thrown out of my new position for being too strict than for letting the chat getting interrupted by people just fooling about or actually offend others. They get gagged once, maybe twice ... and if they don't learn their lesson afterwards ... maybe after a whispered third warning ... they're out. And if they come back and complain about it, daring me to do something ... they learn how to fly and stay out for good. That's me, Cay the Merciless...

But back to ICQ. I've found it useful today ... and will find it useful on other occasions as well, no doubt about it. So in the end it was worth it.

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