Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Easy Communication

As I've already pointed out in previous posts, I've got ICQ (and YIM and even Instant Messaging over MSN by now). Normally that would mean keeping three programs open during my surfing. With "Trillian" this is no longer necessary, nor do I need to keep them all open. "Trillian" connects me at the same time to each of the services, I can see all my contacts in the same window and communicate to them the same way. I can change my status from 'online' to 'away' or 'invisible' everywhere at once as well.

In addition - and this would be especially important for my best friend - I don't need to download programs from different sources, just the "Trillian"-software (plus German-Language-pack) once. I'll ask her about this someday, but not right now. I even could give her my files which surely are non-virulent.

"Trillian" for me is a good way to keep on top of my various chat- and other duties (yesterday I was appointed as a moderator at the forum of Gespensterweb as well).

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