Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Winter has finally come

... with a vengeance.

Ever since November, when winter was supposed to begin in Germany, we've had the strangest weather possible. It didn't get cold, it didn't snow. We've had temperatures mostly associated with early spring (even last week still up to 59 degrees) and quite a lot of overcast sky and rain.

It seems as if yesterday winter has decided to finally do its job. During the early afternoon it started to snow - and it hasn't stopped yet. The spruces and the yew tree in front of my flat are heavily loaded with snow by now and the whole area looks like the modern version (I can see an industrial complex from my front windows) of "Winter Wonderland".

Of course, a lot of people have not been prepared for this sudden winter. And with the storms we've just had a couple of days ago, they aren't really happy about the weather.

I would have preferred the snow not to come this week, to be honest (because I've got street duty next week and that might mean a lot of work, provided the snow keeps). On the whole I hope it will stop snowing today and at least some of the snow will thaw until Friday when I have to go shopping (like every week). I usually drive to the mega-supermarket and it would be easier if the snow had disappeared (at least mostly) until then. Currently it's still falling, though.

At least the weather now fits with the time of the year. We didn't get white Christmas this time, but at least we see some snow. I can still remember years with next to no snow at all...

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