Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The evil virus

My friend Heike and I spoke today about my visit this weekend and she told me her computer had been totally infected with viruses (which is why she still didn't know when I'm going to arrive on Saturday). They're getting the computer back today, it's been completely overhauled by a pro. Imagine ... they didn't have any anti-virus software on it before. But I won't blame them, they bought a used one and thought it was installed already.

Unfortunately she has decided now not to get the Yahoo! Messenger which would have allowed us more direct communication. On the other hand there's still email and so on. A few years ago the only thing we had on a regular basis was a letter from each other - so this is waaaay better.

Now I've sent her a loooong email about what to look out for and beware of on the internet. I still hope she'll install the messenger or maybe ICQ one day, but I can wait. And if I personally ever meet the guy who's sold them this computer without telling them about the anti-virus, he's going to ... suffer. Oh, yeah, I'm going to make him really, really, really, really pay.

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