Monday, January 01, 2007

Tony Tough

In addition to being a fan of 'Killerspiele', strategy and "The Sims 2", I'm also a fan of good old point-and-click adventures. Unfortunately they've become a teeny-weeny minority of titles these days. There are a lot of action-adventures and role playing games (which I like as well), but not a lot of classical adventures (and a lot of those they put out aren't any good).

One of the best adventures I've played during the last years was "Tony Tough and the Night of the Roasted Moths" (even though I've still got to find the aforementioned moths, roasted or not). It was a game which reminded me of the good old times when LucasArts (LucasFilm Games in the beginning) and Sierra were kicking out funny adventures in regular intervals. The graphics were good, even though two-dimensional (but hey, the first adventures I played these days remind me of some kind of weird Lego buildings), the voices were fitting and the problems and riddles to solve were good as well. It was a comfortable game for anyone who's played an adventure in the good old times - innovated as far as looks were concerned without loosing the soul.

Recently I've bought the second game "Tony Tough 2 - A Rake's Progress". It's fun, too, even though the characters are 3D now and some things are quite strange (even by my standards - and that's surely saying something). Nevertheless, the voices are good again and the characters are a bit queer (and I don't mean that in any sexual way, just strange), but luckily the riddles and problems are still mostly good.

What I wish for the next year is a few good adventures to play (come on, we've had games like "Black Mirror" recently enough, isn't there anybody out there writing a good story about something scary or funny?).

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