Sunday, April 29, 2007

An interesting idea

As I've already pointed out (and written prominently on the right side of my blog as well), I'm a writer and rarely have a problem finding new ideas for things to write. While going through my favourite blogs, I found quite an interesting idea in Bitchy Jones' blog about an Upside-down Gor.

I've checked the English Wikipedia for the "Gor"-reference, because I hadn't heard about it before (that's the problem with supposedly badly written English erotic literature - it's hard to get in Germany, though I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing). And I do have to admit that I would probably not enjoy reading them ... if anything, I prefer the woman to be dominant, not a slave (hooray to Eric Stanton, while I'm at it!). So why not turn it around? The concept of male slaves and female owners isn't that new, after all, that's what the principle of the Amazons is about: female warriors who take (and own) men for propagating (and probably fun as well - they must be quite aggressive after all). And if we're about to turn such stories around, I would add the principle of "Fencers of Minerva" to it (if you haven't heard of this, don't worry too much, it's a Japanese animation series about a world in which all women are 'owned' and a princess who finds herself in a rather strange 'relationship' with a man she loved as a boy and became slave off after trying to free another girl).

I must admit I find the idea quite irresistible - even though I hope that I could write better than the original "Gor"-novels seem to be written. I would like to write some stories about this 'Not-Gor' (and yes, I too think that "Gor" is a great name for a planet), about dangerous and dominant females (though if it comes to dangerous females, I'd rather name hyenas instead of lions, because hyenas are absolutely matriarchic in their structures) and about male slaves ... good-looking, hot slaves.

So what? If men find it 'hot' to read about females slaves who love being enslaved and used and punished and so on, why shouldn't I as a woman find it 'hot' to imagine the same with the roles switched? Good-looking, muscular, but efficiently submissive slaves - and men who don't want to be slaves and fight back in vain. That's an interesting idea for a feminist writer.

"Upside-down Gor" is a bad name, though, so I'd have to find an equally good name for my world ... but that can't be too difficult. Well, let's see about this...

EDIT: I’ve found one: Teria!

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Teria is a cool name!