Thursday, April 26, 2007

Too many books

When I look at my bookcases, I realize that I've gotten far too many books. I mean, I've got four bookcases full of books and keep more books than most people would put there in every one.

My manga-bookcase is extremely full - I've meant to take out those manga I don't read any longer for ages, but I never do. So all the shelves are full and there are even books lying atop other books or in front of other books.

It's pretty much the same in the other bookcases as well. When I moved into my own flat, I sorted out my books and only took those with me I wanted to keep. But that was more than 2 years ago ... and I've bought loads of books in the meantime.

Now, I know I'm a really passionate reader - I've always been, from the moment I've been able to read for myself. I've always found books a good way to escape the rather boring life I lead ... ways that weren't dangerous (like drugs) or in any other way unproductive (because my love for stories went along with my love of writing). That's how I developed my imagination and my fantasy. Actually, my parents found it hard to punish me - confinement to my room did not work, I didn't go out much anyway and I had my books there to read, my school books, if nothing else.

Unfortunately knowing that doesn't solve my problem, especially since I started reading English books during my time at university - which means I can't get them from my local library. My tastes are quite special on the whole ... I read fantasy, but not only the stuff most people read, I read thrillers, but only very few authors. The same goes for my other favourite books. And I tend to read books more than once - which means I fare better buying them than trying to get them from the library every time I want to reread them.

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