Saturday, April 28, 2007

MYTH-ical Stories

I was still a teenager when I discovered Robert Asprin's "Myth"-series. To be honest, I haven't thought about it for years, ever since I changed from stories like those to "Discworld" - which is easily as funny.

But recently I've started thinking about it again - soon after I found out that there was a collection of all stories out, and with illustrations from one of my favourite comic-book artist: Phil Foglio, one of the creators of "Girl Genius". Actually, the first time I saw the cover of volume one of the two-volumes-edition, I knew he had drawn it, his style is easy to recognize. In addition to covers drawn by him, the two-volumes-edition also includes quite some black-and-white illustrations done by him inside the books.

The "Myth"-series mainly revolves around a young magician named Skeeve who, by pure coincidence, is teamed up with the demon Aahz ('demon' in this case meaning 'dimension traveller') and goes through a lot of different adventures during which the host of characters grows more and more bizarre. The stories themselves are - as I can see now from my vantage point of view (being 32 instead of 15) - stories about growing up as much as about magic and fantasy.

I've started to read them again now - and found them just as amusing as I found them at 15...

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