Saturday, April 21, 2007

"Killerspiele" Update (The "Something funny on the side" Edition)

Yes, there can actually be funny updates on the "Killerspiele"-issue. This is one of them.

"Der Spiegel", a German weekly magazine about society, politics and culture, does have an online-edition. That's not something special, as I regularly follow the online-editions of various magazines and newspapers.

But today I actually stumbled upon a review for the new "Oblivion" add-on. I've written about the game "Oblivion" before - as I fear it might fall under the "Killerspiele"-issue because of the many fights and the rather illegal things you can do (steal, murder etc.). It seems that the magazine - despite being against "Killerspiele", doesn't see it that way.

Or maybe it's just because there's so much 'madness' in the add-on...

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