Saturday, April 28, 2007

Nodwick or Somebody has to die in an adventure

My first crash with the comic "Nodwick" actually came when I read about a card-game the creators made. The game, which I own by now, is quite funny. It's about the main running gag of the whole comic - the henchman Nodwick who's dying about once a day, more or less regularly. In the game you have to 'build' a complete henchman by getting the right 'pieces' before the others do. It's almost as funny as "Munchkin" (about which I might write another post).

But - as the whole is set in some sort of role-playing world - Nodwick revived every time by Piffany, the priest of the adventurerer group, who isn't thrilled about the way her colleagues treat the henchman (henchmen in role-playing games are some sort of walking 'equipment', carrying stuff and being sent forward to find traps [usually by walking into them]). The group Nodwick belongs to actually overdoes it with sending him into certain death (I think, after staying with them for some time, un-certain death would be okay) continuously. Nodwick on the other hand is quite clever and could be a real asset to the group if anybody apart from Piffany ever took him seriously.

Mixed in with the stories are one-picture jokes like the one above this paragraph and some other comics (most of them "Star Wars" or at least "Star Wars" related). The comic itself can be read online and is quite funny as well, so I'll add it to "DorkTower" and "Girl Genius".

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