Friday, April 06, 2007

"Killerspiele" Update (The "I start to believe some journalists have lost their minds" Edition)

And another update on the "Killerspiele"-crusade.

A couple of weeks ago "Panorama" reported about "Killerspiele" in a way that made my blood boil and made me write a long email to them in order to complain (I've written about that in another post). This time they reported about people getting dependant on computer games - and before the actual report was shown, they expressed their surprise and concern about the many people writing heated and even angry letters and emails about that last report. They, or so the people at "Panorama" saw it, "were afraid to loose their favourite games". Of course, they could not have been angry because of the stupid and outright wrong stuff told in it...

This really has made me wonder about the worth - and the mind - of some journalists. I can understand that every person - and every TV-station - has a certain point of view on things. I can even understand that someone who is not interested in computer games might see some of them as brutal and dangerous for children.

What I can't understand is the way they use every means possible - especially the ones people will not realize immediately - in order to make everyone else believe this is a true, unbiased report. Okay, they don't like computer games. Okay, some politicians don't like them either. But to use the "Killerspiele"-hype just to get some more viewers or readers?

This isn't 'investigative journalism', even though the people at "Panorama" may think it is. This is just appealing to the non-player's lowliest instincts.

So, the way I see it, either the journalists have lost their minds or their morals … let them decide which would be worse.

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