Monday, April 02, 2007

Got my first "Girl Genius" comics

On Saturday the first two issues of "Girl Genius" arrived - I have ordered all five of them over amazon.

Now, as I already wrote, "Girl Genius" is an online-comic - so, in essence, I could read them over the internet without having to pay any money ... as I do have a flat-rate. But to me there's even more than one good reason to actually buy the comics.

1) I like reading comics while lounging on my couch - and I can't do that while reading them online.

2) I know how fast a website can disappear ... and that would mean not being able to read them any longer - hardcopies are more reliable.

3) The pages definitely look a lot better in print than they do on the screen - and even if I downloaded them all, I still would not be able to get them printed out in this high quality (or only for a price even higher than the comic books).

I'm still waiting for the other three issues (volume 3-5 of the series), but they should arrive sometime during the next two weeks. Then I'll have them all and even be able to actually read what happens in the gap between "Girl Genius 101" and "Girl Genius Advanced" online. (Both areas are still growing and that means that there's actually something happening between the first page of "Girl Genius Advanced" and the currently last page of "Girl Genius 101".) In addition there is a side-story I haven't read before at the end of volume 2 (the one at the end of volume 1 is online, but the other one isn't it).

What I find most amusing - as I am German - is the very generous use of German words in the comic (from names like "Klaus Wulfenbach" or "von Pinn" over the "Jägermonsters" [and their hilarious German accents - I love them] right to "Götterdämmerung"). They are fitting, but it's not something you find often in comics.

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