Friday, March 30, 2007

"Killerspiele" Update (The "Some answers aren't worth the question" Edition)

Some time ago I wrote a post about a report in a TV-magazine ("Panorama") to which I responded by writing an email to the TV-station that showed it. I've got a four-page letter as an answer now ... and I can only say it's not worth the paper it has been printed on.

First of all in essence the four pages of the standard answer is the same as in the answer they posted in their forum right after people started complaining: We didn't do anything wrong, we said exactly the truth and there's nothing to be angry about. Well, there's actually a lot to be angry about, because no matter how often they say it, they did do a lot wrong and they didn't say the truth (at least not in a way people could understand the truth).

Luckily for them I'm not in the mood to start round two of the complaining ... after all I doubt they'll ever admit that they made the report in order to cement the horrible "Killerspiele" in everybody's mind.

Maybe they will, one day, look back and see how they made even less young people watch their programs and thus cut themselves off from audience for the future ... and maybe one day pigs will fly free in the breezy summer sky.

Well, unlike my representative in the Bundestag, the TV-station actually did reply, so I should be glad. At least this shows how the supposedly 'serious' journalists really work - which brings me to a strange thing I realized during the last wave of anti-"Killerspiele" reports:

The independent TV-stations have rarely - if ever - reported about those games, usually a) kept it to the news-magazines and b) been at least half-ways fair. One station even showed a rather un-biased and positive report about the so-called "Killerspiele" and their effect on the human brain.

And the daily paper I normally loathe most - a yellow-press paper called "Bild" - has completely abstained from bashing on those games ... a rather surprising fact.

It's still rather silent about the whole topic and so I'm still waiting for the next wave to hit ... it's going to come, and soon probably - because the next election is coming up soon enough.

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