Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Goodbye to my favourite magazine

For quite a while now (since the end of February) it has been official: MangaSzene, the only magazine I've read regularly, will only continue as a series of 'specials'. I'm not quite sure whether I'll really continue reading it.

The problem I see is not that the magazine will not continue the way it was before - changes are a part of life and I have learned to deal with them -, but the fact that it will be continued in a loose order. No regular rhythm as before, no knowing exactly when the next one will be out. And I'm pretty sure I won't get it from the news dealer any longer ... they won't stock the 'specials', I guess.

A lot of other readers who also post in the forum of the MangaSzene see this problem as well, but it doesn't seem as if we can change it ... and it was hard enough to get the information about what will happen. No. 36 simply did not appear when it should and the very next day - or so I think - there was a new thread in the news-section claiming that the MangaSzene would not continue as before.

So right now I have to say "Goodbye" to the good feeling every two (or three during the last two issues) months when I went to the news dealer at the train station and bought it, sheaving through the 'news'-section on the way home. "Goodbye" to the hours spent on my comfy couch with all the articles and other sections of the magazine I could browse through without having to sit at my computer or go online. And "Goodbye" to the funny comics on the last page I used to read first (or at least almost first), together with the 'famous last words'-section. "Goodbye" to MangaSzene as I've known it from issue No. 1 ... and "Hello" to the 'specials' I'll have to order over the shop - whenever I think of them. "Hello" to not knowing exactly when the next issue will be around. "Hello" to missing some issues because I'm not interested in the main topic. "Hello" to trying and find the promised articles on the MangaSzene-website.

Gods, I really feel a bit depressed right now - or in the right mood to kill someone in a very brutal way - even without a "Killerspiel" in sight.

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