Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I'm still out here

... even though currently I'm not writing as much as I have before.

For one thing I've got a lot to do at the moment (work, learning to be a web-master, rebuilding my website, founding a new party), in addition I don't find that many things to write about at the moment. Nevertheless be assured that I will continue to write this blog.

I won't go into details about my work, as the job of a telemarketer is nothing of interest to anybody lucky enough to not work in it.

My studies to become a web-master work out quite well, I've got good marks up till now and I'll put in my last homework for this quarter this week (today or tomorrow). In addition my father has started to browse through my old leaflets, so they will even be useful to two people instead of just one.

My website "Night-Shade" grows slowly (I have to put in all my finished and unfinished stories, that takes some time, believe me), but surely. Afterwards I will start building up "Geschichtenschmiede", but I will finish "Night-Shade" first, otherwise I'd split up my energy too much. (CSS is cool, though, I've by now build an external .css-file, so I don't have to do the basic formatting [background-colour, text-colour, margins etc.] over and over again. And where did I learn that? In my web-master-lessons!)

As far as the new party is going ... it's going extremely slow. I've got a group at MySpace right now, but it's not growing currently. We'll need some more networking for it, I think. Maybe I should advertise it more strongly...

So expect more from me, even today.

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