Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Building up my website

I've been working on my website "Night-Shade" for a couple of weeks now, adding another page every now and then. It's almost done now - at least for the moment.

I have rebuild the website various times since I first registered the domain - every time I had learned something new or gotten a new tool. But I doubt I'll rebuild the whole site again any time soon. This time I've put all my stories on it (or at least I will have before it is completely finished) and I would loathe to have done it for nothing.

Working on the page was quite easy this time, as I finally found a useful tool to do it (the Dreamweaver I've already mentioned before). It's been quite time-consuming (and I've still got to finish creating all pages for the 'Slash'-area), but on the whole it was done quite easily.

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