Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I've not forgotten about "Size 0"

Even though I've not touched the subject for quite a while now, I've not forgotten my crusade against "Size 0". (But give me a break, I've got a big crusade running against "Killerspiele" currently and there's just one person wielding the blade every time. But the "Killerspiele"-crusade has come to a stand-still for the time being, so I've got time for a quick duel on this front.)

So what can I say against "Size 0" I've never mentioned before? Nothing, probably, but that's not a problem for me - I believe in recycling.

I still think that the idea of a grown-up woman fitting into anything "Size 0" is lunatic. I won't say that a woman can't be slim, but there's a huge difference between "being slim" and "being a size 0".

And I really wonder about the other women ... why do they try to fit into it? Just because some almost wasted away celebrities fit into it? What's it to me whether or not Victoria Beckham fits into a "Size 0"-dress? Why should it worry me whether or not she's lost another pound? It's her life she's gambling with, not mine. And, even though I risk to sound quite cruel and heart-less, I won't really mind it if she dies.

I've stopped buying this "a woman can never be too thin or too rich" a long time ago - yes, not even the part of the "too rich", I want to be well off, to have enough money to live off, but I don't need riches to feel good. But a lot of women look at the covers of magazines - where most photos have been through a long 'correction'-process anyway - and want to look like the models.

And even though the producers of those magazines and other fashion-related stuff claim that their models are okay and live a normal life, I can't believe them - I can't even listen to them without laughing out aloud. Maybe one of one thousand girls in the business can keep such a slim figure without an extreme diet, but the other 999 can't - and they risk their life to live this dream.

And what do the TV-stations do? They add to this with casting-shows to find the new German super-model. I would like to zap myself about 10 years into the future, just for a couple of hours, and research where the winners of this show are by then - or how thin the models look.

I guess I can't say it too often: There's no reason for any woman in this world to submit to the tyranny of "Size 0". Be who you are and do what you like - that's all you need to be happy.

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